Dusty Crum a.k.a Wildman

Dusty Crum, is a renown Everglades python hunter, conservationist, TV star and phenomenal human being.  A true jack of all trades and master of all. 

Dusty is known to many as the defender of the Everglades and the protector of its ecosystem.  After all, the Everglades is the place he calls home, it is his sanctuary, his slice of heaven, and the place where he feels the most comfortable in.  Therefore is why, his passion for the Everglades, it’s creatures and the beauty that resides within is truly unquestionable.  For he has committed himself to help its ecosystem thrive, as he  works relentlessly to remove the invasive species that wreck havoc within the glades and abroad.

Over the years, the Wildman has personally captured hundreds of Pythons, thus saving native wildlife in the Florida Everglades. As many know the Python infestation has been an uphill battle,  as the Burmese Python has decimated much of the wildlife within the glades, and  has threatened the existence of native species.  Dusty believes it is his purpose to even the playing field, by removing as many pythons as possible. Thus giving the native animals a chance at survival. After all this their home and the python is nothing more than an unwanted guest that refuses to leave. 

The Python Invasion.


Due to the pet trade, the Burmese python was brought to the United States and was first reported in the Everglades as early as the 1970’s. On August 23, 1992, Hurricane Andrew made landfall south of Miami as a Category 5 Hurricane. Captive Burmese Pythons were released as a result of the devastation. With no natural predators, the Burmese Python population exploded. Once fully grown, these Pythons devoured deer, alligators, and small mammals. Even smaller pythons do tremendous damage to the local environment by eating local birds, rodents, and other animals crucial to a balanced ecosystem.

Enter Dusty Crum, founder of the Everglades Collection.  Dusty, along with a group of python hunters, trek into the Florida Everglades to hunt Burmese Pythons. Out of the swamp, He’s hard at work developing the newest fashion trends in eco-cycling. What is eco-cycling, you ask? First, we harvest invasive species that are detrimental to our ecosystem. We then utilize every piece to create new products with style, sophistication, and environmental benefits, all while raising awareness for the ecosystem.

Once removed from the Everglades, Dusty’s team works to create beautiful and ethical Python products. Each product is made from Burmese Python caught in Florida, both removing an invasive apex predator and supporting the hunters who do the work.

The Florida Everglades Collection was created with the finest skins, designed and manufactured by exceptional craftsmen, and, where necessary, combined with Italian vachetta leather to create products with quality that is second to none.

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