Dusty Crum, wildman, python hunter, designer and conservationalist. Dusty became a household name in Florida after appearing on History’s Swamp People, Swamp Mysterious, News outlets and various documentaries. Even to the extent of landing his own show on Discovery Channel as Guardian of the Glades.  Dusty is a kind hearted phenomenal soul who juggles the fight against pythons, protecting the ecosystem and being an awesome dad. His life is full of adventures, but also full of responsibilities which he balances with ease. 

Below you will find videos in which he was featured.

This is but a small percentage of all dusty has done, stay tune as we will be adding far more great content soon. 


Network Videos

History – Swamp People
Season 10 – Bonus

History – Swamp People
Season 10 – Final Gator for Dusty

History – Swamp Mysteries
Season 1 – With Troy Landry

Discovery UK
Guardians of the Glades

News Media

Fox 13 – Tampa Bay
2020: After Python Bowl Success

2018: Python Hunter’s 1000 catch in a year

CBS Miami
2017: Snake Hunter wrangles massive python

Daily News
2017: Biggest Snake in the Glades

Fox 13 – Tampa Bay
2017: Python Hunters prepare for the season

2018: Cold weather python strategy

CBS News
2017: Python Hunter catches massive snake

Sarasota Herald Times
2018: 530 Burns Gallery – Python Line

WPLG Local 10
2018: Python Hunter –  South Florida Watere Mgmt

Fox 13 – Tampa Bay
2018: Python Hunter turns pythons into fashion

2019: Wildman gets TV show

Fox 4 News
2021: Pythons may hold the key to Covid vaccines

NBC News 2
2018: Pythons & Mosquito Bites

KPRC 2 – Houston
2018: Snakes come out from hiding